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Supportive Peers Can Help You Face Your Fears

Meeting new people and making new friends can be tough at any age—especially when you’re already riding a crazy emotional roller coaster. But, we’re here to remind you why connecting with others can be an exciting and rewarding way for you to be heard, share crazy ideas, and build life-long friendships.

Talk, Share, Ask Away

Try to muster up the courage to share what you’re going through online, in-person, or even through a journal. You never know what you might discover about yourself and others who may be going through the same things. You can vent, express, or even exchange notes on how the other keeps stress at bay.

Persevere Project

Write a Letter

Sometimes, feelings can be too complex to describe with words. In those times, know that you can let loose on a piece of paper and pen your emotions even if it doesn’t seem to be comprehensible. The one true goal is that you have an avenue for expression.

Persevere Project

Meet, Mingle, Expand Your Circle

There’s a healthy saying that goes like this—practice makes progress. It means to keep working on your skills without any expectations that you’ll be the best or always end on top. It applies to finding true friends that will stick with you through thick and thin. Don’t give up. You’ll find your people, too!

Express and Experience

Sign up for outdoor activities, team sports, and experiences that call for your creativity. The beauty of life is in the endless possibilities that await you as you experience new things and meet new people along the way!

Persevere Project


Signing up to volunteer your time and effort is always a great way to engage and lend a hand. Try any of the following:

  • Help the kids and the elderly
  • Join rescue missions for pets and animals
  • Sign up for charity, running events, and community engagement projects

Mind Over Matter Always

Remember that you are in control of your thoughts and not the other way around. With the right support, strong encouragement, and healthy habits, overcoming the most anxiety-inducing social scenarios is always possible.

Persevere Project

Need Someone to Listen?

If you ever need to let out your stress but don’t have the strength to talk to anyone you know, we’re always here for you. Send us an anonymous message anytime.